1. hi all, i am new to this site. havent had much time to browse for the last couple of years. i completed my lvn to rn transition in may. started with prereq's in 2001, working full time in a local hospital. i was a working hospital lvn for 26 years prior to my rn. lots of work but well worth it!. ill be going for the bsn after taking a semester off. i need to keep my cognitive ability as sharp as i can because im getting older and i find that education in general improves it. im not sure the bsn will change my career, but everything i learn helps me with my current position. i live in texas and work in med/surg/tele. :spin: yes, it will make your head spin, but i still see it as such a challenge. thought about moving to icu, but i like the interaction with the patients. i love being outside. love my yard and the "nature". i live on 2 acres and have lots of it. i find it to be fulfilling and helps me relax. i have 3 adult children, am divorced and not looking. i was a single parent for the last 25 years. most of my hobbies involve being outside in spite of the hot texas weather. i am looking forward to participating in this interaction with others in my profession.
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  3. by   KCIN
    you are welcome.
  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. Nice to meet you!