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    I am an operating room nurse for 9 years and 3 years of psych experience before that. My family and I would like to move to florida in 3 years, and I would like south florida nurses ( or anyone else) to tell me what pay scales are like and what the hospitals are like.
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    HI Michele!! you might want to post your question in the Florida nurses forum or even search around in there for the answers if you haven't already! Welcome
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    As Kim already stated, look under Florida in the US section or just do a search and you will find many, many threads.
  5. by   Angela Mac
    I lived in Sarasota for 8 years and I have to tell you, the pay is outstanding, if you would like to work for agencies.........the employment opportunities are is afterall, the retirement center of the universe, each town has at least one hospital, sles of MD practices, ACLFs & LTC facilities....I made big bucks......But my hubby missed the 4 seasons & the crime rate was on the rise. With 3 children, we moved to the country....I can honestly say, I experienced so much working in Florida and learned skills I thought I could never learn........the pot of gold can be found in Florida.