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  1. Greetings,
    I have been reading the discussion boards for a long time and decided I would like to join in . I love the opportunity to read what other nurses are experiencing and having the opportunity to "pick their brains". I hope that I can contribute some good knowledge/experience-or at least a "way to go" or "hang in there".

    I have recently moved to a rural area and am being introduced to rural nursing. It is quite a change from what I am use to!!

    I worked in L&D for 3 years in a 19 bed LDRP with a floor available for postpartum overflow (which we used frequently). I did everything from triage to transpost. I also floated to peds.

    Before that, I worked 3 years Med/Surg at the same hospital. (250+ bed facility).

    This new facility has 44 beds total. I am doing everything from charge, er, L&D, med/surg. Wow. And will have to help in ICU for lunch breaks etc. Iv'e been spoiled in that we did computer charting and had mass ancillary staff 24/7 and was somewhat "specialized" in an area of focus. Here you have bare-bone staffing and have to call people in if you have any major traumas ect. Major learning curve happening for me at this time.

    Anyway, I go to work-try to be the best nurse, co-worker that I can be. Then I go home to my spouse of 17yrs, John and my two girls-14 and 11. I love going home!

    One of the reasons we did this major move was for the beauty of the area and the slower-paced life. No freeways, no big shopping malls, etc. And the environment is sooooo beautiful Lots of pine trees, rivers, mountains, and deer roaming all over the place. There is such a peace here.

    I am very blessed.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to "meeting" you and sharing along this nursing/life road. Have a Great Day!


    p.s. I will be posting on the MICU/SICU specialty area-have a few questions for you ICU nurses.
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    Welcome to All Nurses!
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    welcome hon!!
    xo Jen
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    Thank you for replying to my introduction. It is always nice to be welcomed. I love your usernames but am curious-
    NURSEUNDERWATER is your name in reference to water births or are you into diving or?????

    And CNM2B-wow, how exciting! Bieng a L&D nurse, I can really appreciate your goal. I've worked with some Wonderful CNM"s-you can make such a difference in someone's birthing experience. Good luck to you.

    TINYNURSE-I am not going to assume that your username has something to do with stature-would you mind sharing how your username came about?

    Anyway-thanks again for replying.
    Have a great day.

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    I'm new to this site. I'm still loking for an answer to my question about chest tubes...anyone:uhoh21: