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  1. Hi everyone

    I have been a registered nurse for 15 years. I am an AS/Diploma graduate and finally got the opportunity to go back to school last year for my BSN. I will finish that this coming May, and am looking into getting into Grad school next year. My eventual goal is to teach in a university setting one day. Right now my husband, our fur kid and I are living in Louisiana, but to tell the truth we don't like it here at all. I am hoping to get into the Grad program at the U of Washington which, I am afraid, is very competitive to get into. I have a great GPA (3.9) but I am a bit nervous about GRE's as I have been out of school for too many years to mention. Also, I am hoping I have enough Volunteer/Community experience that they seem to be very keen on. I have some experience scattered over the years, but with work and school it is hard to get involved in a whole lot.

    My husband and I also love to travel. He is English and we try to get to Europe at least every other summer. We have no children, but do have a wonderful furchild, our kitty Sadie.

    I look forward to sharing with all of you in the future!

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    Welcome. Nice to know you!
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    Welcome to our happy Allnurses family