Introducing me, "Snowy"

  1. hello all!

    i've probably "lurked" here for the better part of a year intermittently browsing posts and never have posted. i figured today would as good of any to sign up, and start participating. this section of the forum seems perfect for a first post

    about me:
    hmmmm... trying to write without sounding or coming across as vain..forgive me if that's how it seems...
    i'll start with the medical related stuff- i had worked as a volunteer emt from '96 - '99, had ems intermediate training, but life events precluded me from finishing up that one and taking the tests. was a phlebotomist for a while. to make a longish story short, i've spent the last couple years doing medical transcription at a family practice in town.

    i come up with my nick "snowy" here because i love the snow. i've considered going to school to pursue r.n. licensure, but a combination of lack of funds, and other distractions in life have been my hold ups. during the wintertime, i teach skiing and snowboard (certified) and have done ski patrol in the past. with the dedication schooling and a career in nursing would take, it'd be tough to do all the above at once.

    i'm single, and have a wonderful orange kitty cat who is always thrilled to see me when i come home at night. he's about a year old now and a great companion. i can't think of a whole lot else to write here, but here's me, saying hello, introducing who i am.
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  3. by   Snowy
    <------- in case anyone was wondering about the avatar pic here, that is my cat. He just loves to watch the water swirl when I flush the toilet!
  4. by   jnette
    Welcome Snowy !!! Love the kitty.

    About time you jumped in here. So what are your plans now?