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  1. [font=lucida console]me in a nutshell:
    i am 21. i am 5'5 125 pounds. i have blonde hair and blue eyes. i am a nurse on an alzhiemer's care unit with 24 residents. i am married to a wonderful man named andy :kiss .i would say it's nice to meet you, but i might be lying. heh... only time will tell. i live in alabama... grown up here. i've been told by many that i am funny and have a great sense of humor. it's a little goofy i will admit, but i do enjoy the more mature humor every now and then.i pretty much have some kind of opinion about everything. depends on the topic how strong my opinion is though.i do talk a lot, but it's not meaningless drabble, i do have intelligent things to say... but i can be silly from time to time. i really don't care all that much what people think of me. i don't let people mess with me. i don't let the little things bother me, life seems easier to me like that. maybe it's just me, who knows. i always try to find the good in everyone i encounter. i'm an optimist, always looking on the bright side of things. i tend to be quite shy around people i don't know, or that i've just met, but give me some time and i'll open up. i'll tell you like it is. if you ask me something, i'll tell you the honest truth. everyone has their own opinions, i accept and respect that.
    i don't change who i am for anyone. what you see is what you get.
    i'd love to travel the world someday. i've barely been out of alabama, much less the united states. my favorite movie as of right now is "the note book." it was a great story. i cried through it all. nicholas sparks rocks!
    my fave book is the holy bible. why? because you can read it 1 million times and learn many new things from it each time. this should be everyones fave book. my strongest belief is in god.

    my fave quote:"examine the contents, not the bottle. "
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