1. I am Debi,an LPN who took 17 years off from nursing to play mommy,took state boards again in November 2003,and have loved being back in the swing ever since. I have recently done Corrections (lazy)Extended Care (depressing) and I am now doping home care. I am looking foward to going back to acute care as soon as I get IV certified
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    Agency until I am IV certified


  3. by   J Lynn
    Welcome. I'm just starting out in nursing and I'm pretty scared. Is acute care and bedside nursing what you love the most?
  4. by   Tweety
    So now you're doping home care????

  5. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hi Debi! Welcome to All Nurses!
  6. by   lpn3324
    Thanx everybody for the welcome
  7. by   SBIGGE
    Hello! I Am Looking For Information Or References For Statring Own Business As A Nurse, That Is Legal Nurse Consulting Or Other Specialties Outside Hospital Setting. I Have Been Nursing For 21 Years And Am Ready To Do My Own Thing. Just Looking For Some Good Advice.