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  1. okay, here goes... my screen name is bunrab, short for bunny rabbitt, which was my stage name when i was an exotic dancer, before i became an rn. being a stripper allowed me to go to school to be an rn without worrying abt the mortgage, food, or utilities. before that i worked for ibm for abt 10 yrs.

    i have a ba, a bs, an mba, then a diploma from nsg school. i'm 47, and have been an rn for ten yrs. i was widowed 18 mos. ago, and if it hadn't been for my nsg job i think i'd be in deep s**t, both financially and emotionally. nsg saved me when i needed time off (ten weeks) after my husband died, and my nsg friends all rallied around me to help me keep it together emotionally, No one knows empathy like an rn (and some police officers, but that's another story.)

    i'm an orthopedic rn, having discovered my love of ortho during nsg school and being fortunate enuf to get hired on an orht floor right out of nsg school. i work in a level one trauma hospital, and when i "grow up" (get my cojones) i want to work in the er, i'm just too scared right now.
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