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  1. Hello All,

    I am new to this board but am glad I found it. Hopefully I will be a nurse student jan 05. I am currently taking microbiology and so far doing well at it. I have A&PII left which I am registered to start July 12, 2004. I finish up all pre-science req for a nursing program at the end of the summer.

    My biggest problem with the whole nursing search is finding a school that offers nursing in the evening hours since I work full-time as well as a program that would take a large portion of my credits from my undergraduate degree. My goal is to get my BS-RN and then work a year and go back for the MS-RN. Have not found a program as of yet, but will not give up. Any ideals or suggestions I would welcome.

    Wanted to apply to nursing school in the fall 2004 but I know that I am proabably too late for the application process, thus my goal for jan 2005.

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    Welcome to

    Sorry that I can't help you with the type of program that you are looking for but I hope that you find one........
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    Welcome. Good luck.
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    Welcome...try posting your question in the PA nurses forum and someone there might be able to help you!