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  1. Hi-
    I am a single mother of 2 boys, 1 who is severely disabled. I just took the LPN entrance exam last night and not sure how I did.
    My 8 almost 9 year old son was born with a Frontal Encepholocele. He has hydrocephalus (multiple shunt revisions) last one being in Feb. '04 after a nightmare of a shunt infection (caused by Vicryl stitches) if you can believe that!! Which required placement of a VA shunt instead of his VP. He had several drains placed and numerous shunt revisions including a craniotomy to remove a catheter that had been stuck. Came home on a PICC line and I learned to hang his Vancomycin to finish his antibiotic therapy and ended up back in the hospital for a month because his sodium was at 170. 2 new Dx's, just to make life more interesting for mom, was Diabetes Insipidus and Adrenal Gland Insufficiency. We are now looking at the VNS for his seizures as he has been on all seizure medications with no great improvement.
    Anyhow, besides his seizures, he is doing great now. Back to the same angel. My 7 almost 8 year old is wonderful. No problems! Loves football and his brother!!!
    I just wanted to thank all you RN's & LPN's for what you do everyday. I know how much I relied on my son's nurses and the extraordinary care he received. I decided I wanted to be one of you so that maybe I can impact some family's life like mine had been. The nurse's and doctors at Mass. General Hospital really took my son's condition personally. He gave them a run for their money and surprised them by coming through this as well as he did. But, we wouldn't have been able to come through it without you!
    I hope to hear from anyone with advice on going to school and being part of the medical field.
    Thanks for listening (reading)!
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