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  1. Hey... well, I am still trying to figure how this works... I was pretty sure I had introdiced myself but I think I will try it again. I am a second year nursing student, who hopefully has just completed a rotation in Obstetics. I am looking forward to the summer, however, I am wondering if it is just me or is nursing school that part that everyone hates and as soon as you get into your particular field it is the best thing that ever happened to you. Anyway, I am feeling a little bit of that myself.
    I am particularly looking forward to my mental health rotation but I am wondering what I can expect. I particularly have a flare for psychology and feel that that is where I am geared as far as nursing is concerned. Granted I am only a second year student and things can change easily... a lot of my professors have noticed that although I struggle in writing those lovely nursing processes, I am particular good at writing psychsocial diagnoses. Anyway, if some of you could give me the heads up that would be great!

    Thanks... Melanie... my friends call me MeL
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck! Welcome!
  4. by   dalee2004
    Thanks ever so much for the post that was quick! I've got a lot of stuff going on personally and physically but I am still pluggin' away at trying to be a nurse.