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  1. please bare with me I'm not all that computer smart. MY name is Joe Kelly I'm 49 yrs old and nursing is a third curear for me .I was a Police Lt in Philadelphia for over 15 yrs were I work mostly in narcotic divison, and have been a D&A therapist for the last 10 yrs . (can't seem to get away from drugs also in recovery myself) I'm currently work at a methadone clinic in West Phila. I took boards on 4-12-04 and passed (somehow we can get the results in 24 hours in PA some of the girls I went to school with turned me on to this ) I did have 2 questions that were more then one answer possible these two questions were the easiest in the test . The test did shut off at 75, which I read on this board was A good sign .Well I'm starting to ramble so thats my story and I'm sticking to It. Joe Kelly RN PS I guess I've got to change my board name
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    Welcome to allnurses Joe
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    Welcome to allnurses, Joe!
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    Welcome Joe!