1. Hi..Im Don and just joined the forum today. I am living in Georgia...finishing up some active duty with the AF Reserves. But planning on taking a travel assignment back in Little Rock in a few months. Its been years since I have lived there..what is it like? My sis and some friends still live there....

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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    HI Don. Welcome! You might want to post your question in the ARkansas forum, if there is one...there's one for most states.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Welcome from sunny Bangkok!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    welcome don!
  6. by   Captain D.
    thank you for the welcome guys and gals..sorry it took so long for me to post back...

  7. by   Tweety
    Welcome from Florida!
  8. by   manna
    Welcome to allnurses! I have cousins in Conway (just north of Little Rock), but I haven't been there in years!
  9. by   ARmickie
    Hey Don.. I live a little north of manna's cousins! Arkansas is Arkansas.. not much here has changed, I don't think. I've lived here for 30 years!
  10. by   Captain D.
    thanks for the welcome guys. I will be moving to Arkansas...Lord willing....shortly after July.
    Does anyone here live and work in Little Rock?