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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm a Filipino nurse working in a surgical department as a staff nurse (part- time). I came to Ireland in 2000, did my Masters in Management, worked in nursing management, and realised it's not my cup of tea. I am presently a postgraduate scholar in one of the universities here. My interests include nurse migration, HR management and nursing education.

    I was surfing university websites when I read that Alderson- Broadus college in West Virginia had finalised an international nursing partnership with a private Philippine nursing school. The way it will work- the chosen students will spend 3 years in the Philippine university and do their final year in AB College in WV. On graduation, they will just have to take the state exam and be registered as US- licensed nurses.

    Just read it in the AB College website and i thought it was very interesting. Wondering what the other members think about this partnership?
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