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  1. Hi everybody

    Currently I am working on an exploration paper for one of my college classes. I decided to make some research about the field of nursing. I am completing the pre-requisites in order to enroll in the nursing program. Anyway, In order to complete my paper I need to interview someone in the field. I need to turn this in on Monday. I would really appreciate if someone takes some minutes out of his/her busy schedule to help me out with this. Its only 6 short questions. Thanks a lot and God Bless everyone.
    The questions are:
    What experience or knowledge is required to do your job?
    How do the competencies (Think, value, communicate and Act) apply to this career?
    What types of projects, assignments or deadlines must you meet each day(a typical day on the job)?
    Does your job require overtime and what is your work schedule? Typical salary range?
    What preparation or courses did you find nessesary or helpful upon entering the job?
    What is the biggest challenge you encounter?

    Thanks a lot for you attention

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