Intensive Care Design

  1. I am designing a new Critical Care Unit. ten beds. 6 for coronary care, and 4 for ICU. It will be level 1.,, that is for ventilated patients and all types of ICU, but not cath lab and no haemodialysis.
    if there is anyone who knows how to put this together, or a business plan for management to justify the CCU, please help. I dont know how to put all this on paper for management to say, 'yeah, that sounds good, we will build it'
    my email is
    I am in australia, queensland... any help appreciated.
    thanks, Bronwyn
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    check your other post...
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    Welcome to allnurses! Maybe try the General nursing or ICU nursing forums for more response (I think they get more traffic than this introductory forum)!