1. hello everyone i am new to the website. i am an LPN/Staff development coordinator . been a nurse for 26 years and an administrator of assisted living. currently going thru the lpn-bsn program.... i am in geriatirc nursing
    i am looking for information to do an inserive fair for our mandatory inservices....
    themes, set ups.. etc..
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    Can't come up with a theme at the moment, but I did want to welcome you to the site!
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    Maybe if you check the LTC Forum at: , you can get some ideas.

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    Good luck with that. Welcome to Allnurses!
  6. by   Nascar nurse
    I actually did this for about 3 years as the SDC in a LTC. My unoriginal idea for a theme was a fair. i set it up like such

    Picked and posted a date - took over the dining room for the entire afternoon - setup up booths w/ poster board signs at each table identifying the inservice, time required (usually 15-20 min per booth), any potential prizes.
    Upon entry to the DR each participant had a sheet of paper with the inservices all typed out and a line for each leader to sign off on as complete. It took all department heads and some vendors to complete this task.

    THEME: Carnival music, a talented volunteer family member doing face paintings, one CNA dressed as a clown handing out balloons. Talked the administrator into $200 for door prize stuff plus a grand prize drawing for a free day with pay- the advertised prizes brought in over 95% attendance

    FOOD: Got our food distributor to donate hotdogs/hamburgers/buns etc and maintenance guys cooked outside on the grill (will come back to the maintenance guys in a minute), plus candy giveaways at the different booths

    1. Handwashing and infection control w/ glow germ (can order this from many supply catalogs). Prize received if no glow germ left after washing
    2. Wound care: Requested vendors to come in with product demonstrations and "dummy" butts.
    3. Resident rights bingo
    4. Fire Safety - Maint. guys were outside cooking hotdogs - but ya had to put our their "other fire" with the extingushier (sp?) and identify the acronym R.A.C.E prior to getting fed!
    5. Social service was running some kind of a role play skit regarding special needs (dementia) residents - was too busy to pay much attention, but that area was very loud with everyone cracking up!

    Can't remember all of it as this has been nearly 10 years ago, but it was very popular w/ staff and they looked forward to it every year.

    This may be a bit harder in assisted living as you have less depart. heads to work with, but try your vendors and consultants - they may want to help too.

    Hope this helps and good luck
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