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    I am new to this board. I am a registered nurse, working on an in-pt acute care psychiatric unit. I love psych nursing and came from a med-surg floor for tele /cardiac pts. After enough lifting to last a lifetime and cart calls,( gotta love lasix IV's with no catheter for CHF pts.) I made a change. I always resented not having enough time to find out how my pt's felt about their upcoming open heart or cath. Nursing is so much more than tasks. I believe attitude plays a crucial role in healing and compliance. I love my job and plan to advance when my schedule allows. Mental health issues are a big deal to my colleagues and I and we continue to advocate for mental health by education and support. It will always be a continuous struggle for those of us in this field to continue to break apart barriers and labeling of the mentally ill. I will advocate for them until I'm six feet under. LuLu
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    RN in an in pt acute care psychiatric unit.


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