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  1. Hell-o everyone I am a 53 year old LPN and I joined this site for any info I could find out about what I could do a nurse in IN I was accused by the patient and his wife of verbal abuse the words that this lady said that I said did not come from me to her but from someone else who said that I said these things this person overheard a conversation that I was having with someone else and she being upset because she had a accusation about another employee but it was not substantiated. She told the patient's wife things that I said but she turned things around to sound as if I was being verbally abusive. And the wife which was already upset that night due to being a the hospital with her husband for eight hours took the words of this lady and inturn reported me to the administrator. I did not know exactly what the accusation was I was only asked what did I say to the patient and his wife and they accused me of refusing to change the man's brief but I did not refuse. They also said that I intimidated him the way I threw his shoes in the chair. I only found this out when the attorney general informed me that my license would be investigated. I an in need of help I need to know what can I do If anyone knows.
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  3. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry you find yourself in this situation. I wish you well.

    However, we do not give legal advise on these forums. Best wishes.