im thinking of going through with this.

  1. hi my name is 24,married with 3 in the process of my g.e.d.right now but im concidering going to school to be a lpn.i just would like to know a few things is the pay?i really wanna work in the maternity area like in the nursury or just with babys.doesnt have to be all the time but this what a lpn does at all?please let me know,thanks.
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  3. by   purplemania
    call or drop in to the Human Resources dept. in a few area facilities. Many hospitals have online HR info.Ask if LVN's are used in the maternity area. Ask if scholarships or tuition reimbursement is offered for employees and if you can work as nurse aid while getting your education. You can do it, just have to do a little homework first to find out what you need to know.
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    The above poster gave great advice! Welcome to All Nurses! you might also want to post in the LPN area.