I'm shaking in my boots....

  1. I start my pre-nursing program on September 20th at a branch of U of Cincinnati. I'm terrified to be honest. I'm only going part time and plan on stretching this out for two years so I can work and support my family. I don't want to overwhelm myself because I need to maintain good grades of course. The nursing program only accepts 40 students out of about 160 each year. I would consider myself smart, I just never applied myself in high school or college the first time around. I've heard that a student is twice as more likely to stay in school and succeed if they join groups and make friends. That is so hard for me. I don't really feel this burning passion inside to be a nurse and it worries me. Do I need to feel that way to make it? I just feel like it is something I want to do because of the financial rewards and because I needed to pick a direction for my life. I eventually want to work in L&D, or maybe a NICU, then maybe go on to become a midwife. I love babies and the whole childbirth process. I guess I just need to reassurance. My husband is going to be going to the same school along with me but for computers. I know this is going to be hard. Anyways!! I'm really excited about learning more here at ya'll's forum.
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  3. by   777RNThatsMe
    Kimmie, hi.

    You know...I ended up a single mom right after I started pre reqs for "financial security."

    But after I kept plugging away and made my way through the Loooong road (2 years of prereqs which bust your butt - you BETTER learn to study ALOT ha ha... but they are mostly memorization at that level....till you get to nursing school then it's true learning..not memorization only but application and real THINKING/processing...and HARDER than prereqs by a far shot.... but different in a good way....).... and then 2 years of RN school (not bsn)...

    Let me just say you need to have a deep longing to make it...deep longing in that whatever motivates you is deep. For me it was supporting my kids. But let me tell y a it's not enough the money thing b/c you will find nurses are WAY underpaid for what is demanded on them...to start anyway. They are required to know a ton of medical stuff... and you better not make a mistake .... or you can hurt someone. Talk about stress. Add onto the fact that legally the lawyers are also coming after nurses not just the docs. You can and many have been dragged into court more than once ...

    All that to say it's not easy Kimmie. So BE determined.....or you will give up I guarantee it. There is a 40 percent drop out rate and/or flunk out.

    That said - also remember when you get to nursing you have NO life....your hubby and kids will not understand... why you ignore them and demand 5 hours a day to study every day including sat /sunday...no exaggeration..for 2 years. So again BE committed.

    But if you are committed then..you may surprise yourself! You may struggle thru pre reqs like everyone does and say how will I make it. But remember..you can. Nursing school is different. I was a B student all the way through ( a C is a 75 though in nursing school, not a 70). No biggie. You have to shoot for A's to get through your prereqs and into Rn school... but once in..that pressure is off but pressure to just maintain PASS is on.

    You gain alot though - knowledge...you never expected so much knowledge... confidence...that you can apply and succeed... and returns of helping people...the funny thing is you may not even realize that deep down you desire that purpose..not just money /security. When that first family looks at you caringly and says out of nowhere, "You are gonna be a great nurse, thank you so much"....... well, it just means alot let me tell you...way more than money. I discovered purpose..on top of the money...on top of , once you get experienced as an RN you can go alot of places so have variety..yeah there is politics and hard work...like any job...but in the end it can be rewarding. No, it's not for everyone....

    So before you start find that motivation..you need it to keep going...or y ou will quit. Is it your kids? Or..... ? But you probably have it Find it and hold onto it...b/c it won't be easy..it never, ever is....from step one you put one foot after the next...until you finally get that degree you worked so very hard for.......very hard. And then you feel good that you did it.

    You are still young..... I wish I had gone ahead and done it when I was your age..I had an inkling to do it and I didn't...... if you have a supportive hubby all the better...at least you aren't a single parent. Just go for it if that is what you want....don't get too worried..just keep trying and be determined. You'll build that as you go, too.....

    Hang in there...you CAN do it if you apply yourself. The hardest part is actually getting INTO the program as you said... believe it or not...then the hard part is to just hang on as you go through b/c it's not easy. Then it's hard to stay on the job as you learn..b/c there is alot more to learn once you graduate.... but after 10 years on the job hey...CAKE! HA!!!

    Good luck!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! As far as burning passion, I would say it helps get through the rough times, but it's not 100% required for all. Nursing school and then (especially) real world nursing jobs do carry a lot of stress with them and each person responds to it differently. Best of luck to you in whichever path you choose.
  5. by   Tweety
    Welcome. Good luck to you.

    I made acquaintences in school and was friendly. But I'm a solo learner and I never joined any study groups. It didn't hold me back.

    Don't judge yourself by high school. You've grown since then.

    Good luck. Welcome!