I'm on maternity leave & would like to transfer from MS ward to OB ward

  1. Hello !!!! I'm new on the board! I worked as an RN for a year and I worked on Medical Surgical floor (Geriatrics area). I am on Maternity leave and will be returning to work on January 2005. I am planning to leave MS floor and would like to try on Obstetrics. The reason for these is that the floor I am working with is very heavy for me. I had back injury on the first month I work there. My question is.. When do you think is the best time to start giving out resumes? How stressful is the Obstetrics compared to Medical Surgical floor? I want to start as Postpartum nurse , how will I do that? I need help, my colleagues!
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    Welcome to allnurses and congrats on the new baby!

    Maybe try posting your question in the general nursing forum if it doesn't get many replies here. I think that forum gets more traffic than this one.