I'm new to this site :) hello

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    hello this is my first post as 'encouraged' by the site when i logged in
    i am a registered nurse in australia and feel new despite being a nurse for about two years now.
    i was a late bloomer and a mature student who was married with children which made life challenging. i was a carer (not sure what that is anywhere else outside of australia) while doing my course. i have started my mental health but didn't finish it and for practical reasons :angryfire became an agency nurse which i'm hating and am glad i found this site cos i felt very isolated being agency. :stone
    i am pleased to become a member and love reading about the experiences of other nurses. it has validated my concerns and look forward reading more.
    i was having my doubts about nursing and coming here has been inspiring. the same issuses seem to repeat themselves world wide both professionally and personally through health care and nursing.
    oh also i was cynical before nursing lol now that is an enhanced factor that i don't inflict on patients lol just a perspective that seemed to fit with nursing which is sad.
    i do love the work and am saddened by the ongoing cost and mechanisation of our work which seems human based with no real $$ base but is more valuble than anything $$ can offer.
    but whats that saying sa la vie
    anyway pleasure being here hope to meet lots of you via the posts etc :hatparty:
    jo the cynical nurse
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    Welcome to allnurses Jo!
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    Ta for that
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    Welcome!!!!! Glad you joined.
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