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  1. Okay so here's the deal......I am soooo confused & getting lots of different answers from schools, people, etc. So I am here to get an answer from people who do the job. CAN an LVN work in a hospital??? I am wanting to get into nursing, and have been blessed with a program that is helping me go back to school. I had cancer 6 years ago and the RNs seriously changed my life, and that is what I want to do, eventually! I know I can't start @ RN, so my options are to start @ CNA level, then go back to get my RN.......OR, I was told I can start @ LVN then do a RN or BSN step up program. Thing I am scared of is that everyone keeps telling me "LVNs are getting phased out" and there won't be jobs anymore.....Also that LVNs do NOT work in hospitals, but rather nursing homes, and to be honest, that is just not where my heart is. I REALLY want to be in a hospital setting. My dream is to be working in pediatric oncology or labor and delivery one day!!! :0) Anyway any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated!! If it helps, I live in San Diego, CA. Thanks you guys!!!
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    welcome tot the cite........aloha~

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    first of all, congrats for being a ca survivor. regarding lvn's i have 6 of them working in the our hospital, however, they been with the facility for over 15yrs. now, and they are great employees. therefore, it all depends on the facility when it comes to lvn's & lpn's. wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors.....aloha~
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    Where I work there is a CNA, an LVN, and an RN for every patient! And this is a 400 bed hospital, so usually there are 200 inpatients. They DO hire LVN's, however; RN's are more common to be hired since they have a higher level of practice and education. Most LVNs have been in the field for some time, which doesn't allow room for more new hires. BUT, nevertheless every 3 months, there's at least 2 or 3 LVN job listings in my hospital. And, not too mention we serve a large population of San Gabriel Valley east of LA.

    Pursuing an RN degree may not be feasible, but it is possible! you still should have some luck with finding an LVN job once you graduate. Especially in the San Diego area, there's a lot of new development and new communities... So I suppose there may be demand?
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    and welcome to the site.

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