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  1. Hello all, I am a LVN student attending bryman college with only 8 months left. I am kind of worried though because of all the information learned in such a short period of time I don't think that it will be easy to pass the nclex-pn. Maybe I should not stress right now, but I am sort of worried. Because I work and go to school it's kind of hard for me to study the way I would like to, does anyone have any suggestions on how to learn the medications in an easier fashion.(that is what we're i right now...Pharmacology)..
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    Welcome to the site! For drugs, one thing that worked for me was to memorize by class of drugs (like beta blockers). A particular class of drugs often end with certain letters, have certain side effects, etc. It's easier than memorizing drugs one by one.
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    Don't stress now. Concentrate on doing the best you can in school and worry about NCLEX after you graduate. Most people pass NCLEX and you can too.

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