Im new - Hello - in search of book advice

  1. Starting out on the journey of getting my BSN - I am interested in
    any books that any of you have found extreemly helpful regarding any
    area of medicine or any book that was helpful.

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  3. by   Peachy720
    Hi Angeee!!

    The two books I have are:

    How to Survive (and maybe even love) Nursing School by Kelli S. Dunham
    Majoring in Nursing by Janet R. Katz

    I also have Trends in Nursing, which is actually a textbook, but I haven't been able to even get through one page of it..

    Although they're not instructional, per se, a lot of people recommend Echo Heron's book. You can read about them on her site

    Other Books on my Wishlist:
    Stressed Out about Nursing School: A Student's Guide to Success by Stephanie Thibeault
    Mosby's Tour Guide to Nursing School: A Student's Road Survival Guide by Melodie Chavenert

    Hope that helps!!

    Take care,