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  1. hey everyone, my name is crystal and i'm new around here. I'm in my first year of college for nursing and i'm really nervous because i heard it was really hard, is it really that bad?
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    it is not easy but it is doable..just look at all the nurses around that have been where you are now
  4. by   shawna_alexis
    Also, I have bipolar, are there any other nurses out there that have this illness and if so, how was college for you
  5. by   nurseangel47
    Hi to you, Shawna Alexis. Welcome. I, too, am new to this allnurses thing. I've been reading it for a while but just joined today.
    I, too, am bipolar and was only recently diagnosed correctly. I had been treated for a garden variety of clinical depressive symptoms in the past since experiencing a nervous breakdown after graduating from nursing school. I have seen a lot of docs and therapists for all of this over the years. I tended to "self medicate" myself during my teens with alcohol and pot mostly. I think I was just born like this, a brain chemistry defect, if you will. It was also exacerbated by the environment I was nurtured in. Anyway, as I do most things bass akwards! went to school to become a nurse after I had kids, not the brightest of ideas for someone who gets dysfunctional when overwhelmed with responsibilities or too many balls in the air.
    With good management of meds., balanced sleep/rest periods, recognizing and modifying known stressors in life, etc. I have been able to function fairly well since being properly diagnosed and meds have been changed and adjusted which has been reflective in nerves being less jangled, mood more even and level, etc.
    I think the answer you are looking for lies within your heart and soul. I had a heckuva time making it through school BUT that is because I had two small children at home and husband traveled for a living. I had my mother and motherinlaw to help out with child care but it was a huge obstacle to overcome for me to even graduate due to the added distractions of family life and responsibilities with that.
    If you want this badly enough for you, no one else, you CAN achieve it with hard work and dedication. Just take care of you. Stay on your meds. Remain in therapy, seek support in group therapy, whatever it is that you do for you to remain psychiatrically safe and sound.
    Good luck. You can do it if you want it badly enough. I am a living example of overcoming obstacles in life. It is unreal how far I've come in my lifetime.
  6. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses!

    Nursing school is very time consuming, but not too hard. Your bipolar definately needs to stay under control to succeed in school and this profession. One needs to be really sharp and focused.

    Good luck!
  7. by   shawna_alexis
    I am on like 6 different medications for my bipolar and i plan on staying on them, i can't do anything without my meds. I'm a totally different person. I know I'll make it through school. if i stay on my meds