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  1. hi everyone, i'm glad to be here.
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    [font=Comic Sans MS]Hello and Welcome!
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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    :Melody: Hello to you! I, too, am new.....just registered yesterday. I have been reading a few posts, and am enjoying them. I live in the beautiful state of WI, where my husband was born and raised, but am originally from NE. I am probably old enough to be "mother" to many of you....having graduated from nursing in the 60's! After marriage in 1970, my husband and I went overseas for nearly 16 years where we served as missionaries at a mission hospital....no, he isn't a Dr. He was in charge of building and maintenance, and during our last term of service pastored an English speaking congregation, composed of multi-nationalities, which met on the station where we lived/worked.

    I have been in home health private duty nursing for 18 years.....with a brief sprint at clinic nursing in a small rural community clinic. I was out of nursing for quite a few years while our kids were growing up; but nursing is a great profession, and many opportunities exist for getting back into active nursing. We became grandparents for the first time in Dec. of 2003 when our oldest (and only married child, out of three) gave birth to little premature twin girls at 28 weeks. They are truly little miracles....each weighed 2 pounds 13 1/2 ozs. at birth---(I know many are born much smaller). Many prayed for them, and their mommy, who was in the hospital in a high risk pregnancy wing for nearly 6 weeks before they finally arrived. She has M.S., was diagnosed at age 24, and is now 30. I, too, am a twin (as you might guess from my screen name)....my sis and I trained together and she was in nursing for years, but has had to give it up due to health concerns.
    Great getting to know some of you in this way. God bless!

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    Glay your're here too!

    Nice to meet you too twinnurse.
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    Welcome to both of you, I'm also new to the site.