Im kinda late, but hi!

  1. Ok so I knew about this site for awhile, I even have had an acoount for a little bit of time. But have never posted in here. I really didnt even know this topic/board existed! lol

    First things first! Hello all, my name is Chris. Currently working on my pre reqs for my ADN. Love this place, love the people. Love the medical field.

    Little backround on myself, me e and my sister were both caught in a flash fire in our garage when we were both infants. (ME: 1 years old, My sister: 2 years old). I am currently trying to find the article so i can laminate it. ^0% of my body was burned with 3rd degree burns, they said my skin rolled off like socks, which was pretty interesting thing to think about heh. I was airlifted to jackson Memorial Hospital, and taken care of by some fantastic Burn Unit nurses!

    One in particular I am still tring to get in contact with, in order to thank her. I think Nurses really should be commended. Amazing things they can do, especially when some are supposed looked down upon since they arent "Doctors or have PhD's"

    I am a recent EMT grad, loved every bit of that schooling. I honestly wish it was a longer and more in depth course. But hey, I am in Nursing school (will be soon) and I am sure I will have enough reading and studying to last me a good while xD! I am open to making many friends, and open to any advice or am willing to talk, be vented at etc. Heh being the only guy in a family with 3 women, and 7 aunts has taught me that women (guys do to) but women like to talk about things! So I learned to like talking to! But anywho, Ill go read and lurk the site some more. Really glad to be apart of this community. Oh and being burned/having the scars I do have no negative influence on my mindset at all. It never has inhibited me from doing what needs to be done and has actually been a major motivational factor in my Nursing career choice!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Glad you survived that trauma so early in life!
  4. by   Chris787n
    Quote from caliotter3
    Glad you survived that trauma so early in life!

    Thanks, I thank god that I did. I see no other way I could have.