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hello! i am brand new to this website. my name is alisha, i am 23 years old. i'm living in texas. my husband is in the air froce and is currently deployed to iraq. i am from minnesota, was raised... Read More

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    You're going to do great...and this is a great place for support!:wink2::wink2:
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    hello! i am brand new to this website. my name is alisha, i am 23 years old. i'm living in texas. my husband is in the air froce and is currently deployed to iraq. i am from minnesota, was raised there, and all my family and my husband's family is there in mn, as well. we got stationed here in san antonio texas, due to my husband being in the military. i am on allnurses.com right now because i am wanting to go back to school to get my rn.
    i have been in nursing school twice, for my lpn. i got in nursing school for the first time when i was 19 years old. my boyfriend of over a year had just got killed in a car accident- he was 23 yrs. old. i also was a single mom, i had my son when i was 17 years old. when i think back now i know i wasn't even close to being emotionally ready for nursing school, nor was i mature enough. i dropped out almost right away, i told myself i wasn't ready to go to school...and at this time i was probably correct.
    a year and a half later i moved a couple of hours away from my hometown to go to school again. i was dating a new guy by now, this guy is now my husband. i got in the lpn program and i got all the prereq's all done. i was just starting my actual nursing classes and right away i begun to feel overwhelmed and i was having a lot of doubt in myself. i was doing alright though; until i fully gave up- then my attitude was affecting everything and i started to not do as well in school, mainley on the tests. i would get such bad anxiety with taking tests.
    then all is a month's notice i found out i was pregnant with my second baby and i also found out my boyfriend was leaving for tech school, for the air force.
    i panicked and i dropped out of nursing school a second time and got married to my boyfriend and moved with him in the usaf.
    i often look back and regret not staying and toughing it out then, but i didnt have anyone willing to come help me out with the kids, everyone- all my family was saying "stay in college", but no one was going to go out of their way to help me out with my son, or my newborn daughter; they all had their own lives to live.
    for a year or so i thought and nearly convienced myself that nursing must not be for me, i've dropped out twice from school- god must be trying to tell me i am not meant to do this. i considered social work, massage therapy, counseling. i knew, and i've always known that i want to do something where i am around people and helping people. again my mind has went back to nursing. i have worked in the health field for so long, since i was 17 years old- so 6 years now, i have worked as a cna in 3 nursing homes, i have worked as a mental health tech in a group home, and currently i work part time as a patient care assistant at a hospital on a medical surgical floor. my main thing is i have such little confidence in myself, i am very afraid of failing again, of disappointing myself again. but a lot of the nurses i've worked with have made me think "if they can do it, i can do it". everyone i've worked with, and many many patients and residents i've worked with tell me i'll make an excellent nurse. my nurse manager i have at my current job has told me i'd be an excellent nurse, that i hold myself so well and that people look up to me. patients have told me that i have a great bedside manner and that i am so caring and so smiley; i've often heard "you're my favorite nurse here" (though i am not a nurse, they associate all of us as nurses).
    i just worry about being book smart enough, to get through nursing school. i mean i am married and have 2 kids- a 6 year old son and a 19 month old daughter. i never did real well in high school, which is a huge concern to me; i basically didn't try but i didn't do well- i got b's, c'c and d's, and often failed classes.
    i am a whole lot more mature now and i actually "care" now, which i never did in high school, unfortunatly. i am really bad at math; tha's another big concern to me. and i get really bad test anxiety; is another main concern.
    but i am very street smart, a people person, caring, happy go lucky, cheerful, and i love to help people!
    i guess my question is, what do you all think i would need to do to succeed and get my nursing degree?
    i really want to get my bsn one day, and i was thinking about also (like my husband) joining the usaf; though with my bsn, i'd be able to join the air force as an officer.
    i need to gain better concentration skills and study skills, testing skills and gain self confidence in myself. all my life i have felt like i wasn't smart; even when i was very young older family relatives would tell me that it was good thing i was tall and pretty, so i could model, cuz i wasn't very bright. instead of working harder and proving them wrong, i decided they were right and that i might as well not try because i wasn't smart anyhow. then when i got pregnant and had my son at 17, everyone figured they were right about me, i wasn't going anywhere in life.
    more than anything else i want to get my degree and not just any degree, i want to get my nursing degree, where i can make a difference in people's lives and help people; that is what makes me happiest, that is what makes me feel most fulfilled. after all i've been through and all my acedemic challenges, do you think i could make it and succeed and become a rn, as i dream to be??? thanks for any input!
    i don't mean to sound mean at all please don't take what i'm about to say to you as a ofensive critizicm at all. but, after reading you post it tells me that after dropping out of lpn school not once but, twice and make rash decision base on being a mother and getting married and putting you education aside and now deciding after all that you have been through having including relocating i fell, please dont take this to heart i feel you might not be ready to hit the books nor are you ready to take a career in nursing seriously... the reason i say this is because you keep making excuse after excuse and let get seriously excuses are going to get you through a r.n program either you want this so bad that you can tast it and forget about what other and including i tell you and start taking this decision on becoming a nurse to th next level and that is starting the entire course and completing it or either just set it aside for life, which in my opion i would prove to everyone who is in you life that they where wrong on thinking and believing that you are only good to pop out kids and looks....please give me a break after i read your entire post you send chills down my spine you have come a long way....from being a mom at the age of 17 and still finishing h.s and then getting pregnant again and getting married to relocating which to me iseant easy and staying home with two small kids to raise by yourself while you husband is in iraq it also tell me that you haven't learn you lesson and what is that lesson you say??? to stop making excuses after excuse and just doooooooooooo it you seem to be a very bright person but, yet you just keep pounding yourself down to the ground and what make this the most poorest and redicoulise post that i ever heard is that you already have what it take to become a nurse it slapping you across you face so hard that you don't even feel it or see it and yet it standing right in front you which you must be asking yourself what the hell is he talking about??? honey determinationnnnn hellooo it take just that to fufill you entire dreams and to prove to those wanna be family and friend that they are wrong of thinking that you are some freaking white a*# barbie bimbo come on... you are better than that give me a break, just go for ittttttttttttt and get it over with it.look at me take me for example i drop out of h.s at the age of seventeen becoame a father and got married by eighteenwith just like the rest of my other drop out sibilings and here i am the only smart one in my family who can read and write and being a drop out who went back to a adult high school completion program out here in conneticut and everyone told me that i myself would be a looser haaaa proved them wrong didnt i, even my sibilings. i got nothing but a's for apples and b's for bees and one c for those so call special eduction c#*nt teacher that told me that i would not amount to nothing in life and only thought that i would be just another so call, statistic looser in life... stuff that lemon down you hatchet while i peel that next on for you....i got the last laugh even if it was 20 years later i still got my h.s diploma and at the same time while attending to that school i also got my c.n.a certificate and yet i finished both being a full time dad to two wonderfull boys and my fiance'e also joined me to get here h.s diploma too and that is only the start of my pie, and as we are speaking right now my fiance'e and i are only three months away from finishing up part two of our phlebotomy course and the so call instructor told us that this so call phlebotomy course was so let me see what was the word she said uhhhh ohhh intense and yet i just got the first certificate and i passed with a 75 which you had to get a 70 or better to pass the first part of the course and i just skinned by my tooth, and by the end of january i will start part two of the program and hopefully if the lord guides me i will be finished with part two in march ohhhhhh and did i forget to tell you at the same time that i was attending my phlebotomy course that i also pass the lpn entrence exam at a local technical school and was excepted into the program which will be starting sometime right after i finish my phlebotomy program...honey, and i do mean this with all but nothing of respect to you and a wife and mother and a humand being is just go for itttttttttt prove them wrongggggggggggggggg alllllllllll of themmmmmmmmmmmm but, if i was in your shoes which i aint but, if i was i would go first to lpn school and then cross over to r.n that is if you still have faith and determination within yourself and the hell what other think aobut you this is you life you should believe in yourself don't let other tell you diffrent...ok just go for it and take it one day at a time hey, god mad the world in seven days not in one our, the same with you you start if and finish it at you term not at others term and when you are ready not when others feel that you are ready, find yourself within yourself and take it from thiere look at meeeeeeeeeeeeee??? i take it one day at a time at my age at 38 soon to be i just go with the flowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww life is too short to be wondering what others think or feel about me. god bless your husband and your kids and you and just hang in thier upon my advice, and also thank sincerley your husband for what he is doing for our country he is a hero in my eye already...and always will be in my family eyes also... go fo it but, lpn first and then take it from thiere... it will only benifit toward your future and you family as well at the end...:wink2: :angel2: :1luvu: :typing :innerconf :icon_hug: :heartbeat :kiss