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  1. I'm an new user, and am waiting to see if I have been accepted into the Nursing Program. Can't wait to find out. I have been waiting a long time to get started on a career. My husband was in the military for 21yrs. and I stayed home and raised our 3 sons. The youngest is now 13, with the middle graduating from high school and the oldest a JR in college. My husband retired about 6 yrs. ago, and I've been working full time and going to school part time to get my AA. I graduated in May with it, and decided I would try for the Nursing. I am blessed to have a supportive husband, and don't need to work while going through the program which I'm sure will be a help. So here I go, any advice would be helpful.
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  3. by   lil' girl
    Welcome and good luck, hope you make it in!!