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  1. Hello, I just wanted to use my first post as an introduction and to ask a question. I graduated from nursing school last year and started working in a rural ER. I then moved to telemetry and now have been promoted to the ICU. I have moved rather quickly, but I enjoy learning many new things and working will different people and personalities. Example: there are definite "ER" personalities and "ICU" personalities. Anyhow, I am interested in learning more about ECMO. Our hospital doesn't offer this technology; however, many others in my immediate area do. Please inform me of what exactly this is and how it is performed.

    Thank You
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  3. by   suzanne4
    ECMO is extra-corpeal membrane oxygenation. It functions similar to the way that a heart-lung machine does for a patient during open-heart surgery.

    It has several different uses, probably most common in neonates that had heavy meconium in their lungs.

    You normally will not see it in rural type settings, the patients are usually transferred to larger medical centers for this type of treatment. The patient has cannulas placed, usually in the groin for this procedure.

    I will try to post the links that I have for you, they are at my home and not at the office.
  4. by   n10sivern
    Thank you Suzanne, I thought it was similar to a heart-lung machine. I appreciate your imput.