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Hi, I've never posted before, so here's my intro. After years of taking prereques, I starting the ASN program this fall. I was doing good in the academic portion of it, but the clinicals were... Read More

  1. by   Katnip
    I'm very sorry for your loss. I do know what it is to lose a child. And I understand how that has an effect on a nursing career also.

    Take the time and be with your daughter. You won't regret it. Nursing will always be there. And, in the meantime, in addition to other healthcare careers you might want to look into psych. You sound like a person who may be a good counselor for children.

    Just a thought.
  2. by   dian57
    Judi, I was an LPN for 17 years when I started taking prereqs for my ADN. It took me 5 years to get through the program while working FT 3-11, raising 2 sons and paying a mortgage. I thought it was the most stressfull time of my life. My husband and I even separated for awhile in the last year of the program due to the enormous stress of everything going on.

    We all managed to get through it intact and with the RN, I was promoted at work to my dream job. Less than a year later my younger son was killed in a car accident and I learned what true stress was.

    Everything changes after losing a child, almost to the cellular level. Would I have put myself through the stress of school knowing in 6 years my son would be gone forever; that I'd never have the chance to make up for those lost years when I was too busy working and studying to pay much attention to him or anyone in my family? I'd have to say no.

    Your situation is a little different. You already live with the daily reminder of what used to be and how dramatically your life can change. You know children don't stay little and need you forever.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd postpone nursing school and look into another field that interests you in the medical field. You can be a medical receptionist, or a billing coder. Consider getting your C.N.A. (6-8 weeks training) or even your LPN (1 year). Phlebotomy is another shorter course.

    Enjoy your daughter as she grows. You may not feel comfortable taking time away from her to pursue a nursing career until she's in college herself, but so what? The school will still be there, your daughter's childhood will not. And you, like me, know that only too well.