I passed my nclex 1st attempt.

  1. Hello there,
    I want to share and to also encourage my fellow colleagues out here in the nursing field about my own experience before and after taking my Nclex this past 17th of August 2012.
    I had finished school and all the hurdle with my ATI exits exams which my school had made compulsory and it was indeed very helpful around 1st week in June, then i signed up for Excell review classes which lasted for 14days another ($390), then gave myself 2wks after that to seat for my boards.
    Well my plans went just as planned, but few days to my exam date i joined this site to read what people are saying and i almost changed my date when i kept reading too many people failing their exams, i was at first dicouraged and blamed myself for coming out here, i refused to add any comment or start a topic, i went on about my business and prayed to the Lord for success and not failure.
    I read all the review materials we were given and deemed myself fit for the exam. Come the exact day of the exam, i felt ok all the way to the downtown center here in chicago where i sat for the exam, mistake number 1 had set in when i got to question 85 and it kept going after that, i freaked out!!! Wow! why give me more questions when others "claimed"theirs stopped them at 85, little did i know this was an all the way to 205 i would be seating for.
    I kept hearing the instructor /Ceo of excell saying if you get more questions, it is towards passing. Okay i kept going, then i got to 160, and i felt cloudy, my brains became over whelmed, my veins throbbed, i felt i was about to have an anurysm, i had to lower my head for few seconds and then prayed again for God's guidance and help, because i felt like i could be taken out of here in coma of some sort, the few seconds rest did the magic, when i raised my head up to continue i felt like i had just started with some renewed strength and didnt even feel like cursing the computer out anymore till i saw a blue blank screen and i looked to my top left corner and saw 205 and i had 45mins left on my time....Wow! i yelled out in shock!
    My point is dont go with a pre set number of questions (85) as many had deceived their piers, and dont freak out if questions are coming, remember it is towards passing, give it your best short, think critically, use your nursing ABC's pain and safety we were been told at excell. read more of every materials you were given if you went to a review class, i sucked! in my med surg and medications, i pretty much picked the common meds and studied but got even many more i've never heard off, i got SATA(Select all that applied) 24 questions, i got procedures about 8,(Insert female catheter, remove, medication administration, Race,sterile field etc), calculations with weights and mcg...omg!!! it was huge, but i believe in devine mercies which must have played a major role for me.
    I wish everybody out here success and pls strive to pass it one time, doing it over and over tends to be frustrating and it gets harder. I invested in books like exam cram, lippincott, sanders, did a lot of practise questions, oh! my God!!! tons of it...my friends called me names for only reviewing questions and not studying the material, hey everyone study differently, mine would have been better to study the material and then do practise questions, but i give Almighty Father all Glory.
    I felt i should come out here and share my own thoughts to help boost another persons courage in taking the right steps towards passing their nclex forfirst time.
    goodluck to all!
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  3. by   nursel56
    Congratulations and welcome to allnurses! Thanks for sharing your experience and tips for NCLEX success with the other members here!
  4. by   Jules2152
    Welcome to allnurses and congrats on passing your NCLEX exam the first time.
  5. by   RoDurham
    Congrats!!!! Im a first year nursing student and I pray that I pass my NCLEX on the first attempt and RECEIVE the wisdom that you have given so freely on this site 😃 God bless ur path

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  6. by   GitanoRN
    First of all, Welcome to the site....and Congratulations on your recent accomplishment, as I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.... Aloha~

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