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  1. Hi... I am in school right now to become a certified medical assistant. I already work for a doctors office as a medical assistant and have about 1 years experience. In May 2005, I will be finally finished with all my medical assistant classes, and will get a paper stating I completed the required classes. My boss mentioned that I would be getting my review. But she and I know that I am underpaid. So she made it clear that as soon as I get certified by the state, I would get the raise I deserve... So I went onto the website to see if I could register for taking the state test. Well I missed the deadline by 10 days, in order to take the June test. I am soo upset.. Now I have to wait until October 28th to take the test.. Its good but bad.. Bad because that means I won't get my raise for AWHILE.. Like January next year.. But good because, that means I have more of a opportunity to REALLY STUDY for this exam. The thing I don't understand is that on the practice exam the website gives you to study, it goes over like Physiology and other classes that aren't required to take for the certificate program for Medical Assisting. Those classes are required for the associates degree program. Another bad thing is that the time span from when I started taking these classes are about 2 years. I have learned alot of new things in that time. But more so, I have forgotten ALOT in 2 years. Like alot of medical terminology. In my office, we don't really use medical terminology that much. So I am really doubting myself as wether or not I will be kidding myself to take this test. I mean on one side, I feel that as long as I try to study and attempt to prepare for this test, then its all worth it, and it would be ok if I failed because I TRIED... But on the other side, I feel like what am I doing?? Kidding myself.. Like "DO I HAVE A CHANCE AT PASSING THIS TEST"... I am not the best test taker in the world, so I will need some serious advice on this matter. Please reply with advice on how I could get better at studying and test taking. A big issue with me, is that I am not 100% into school stuff. I need a motivation.. Its like, I want to pass this test, and get a good grade, cuz well the obvious, but also to prove to myself that I CAN DO IT.. But then again, do I physically study... Or try to do my best.. NO.. I do something else, like watch TV, or go out.. I know that this should be my priority but its not. HOW CAN I MAKE IT, so that I do TRY TO DO MY BEST??????? PLEASE HELP ME...............................................
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