i need help....and hello~~

  1. hello everyone~~~
    this is my first time today~~~~
    i'm currently not a nursing student yet....
    and this is why i need the help....
    i wanted to know the best schools across the us....
    colleges known for nursing~~~
    i hope someone out there can help me..
    thank you!!
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  3. by   manna
    Welcome to allnurses!
    Are you interested in a diploma, ADN, BSN program?
  4. by   Drexel ACE
    I'm attending Drexel U. in Philly PA. It's accellerated (83 cr in 11 Months) You need a BA before starting. I wouldn't recommend it though. Too fast and trying to maintain a 77 grade in every class (I had 6 + 4 labs/clinicals this quarter) is crazy.

    Maybe consider where you want to work, since your clinicals are great for leads into a job. Also consider what the reputation of the school is. What is the success rate of the students on the NCLEX. How many students start, and how many finish! Where are your clinical sites? These are some of the things I looked into when picking Drexel. I'm married with two kids and just couldn't afford to leave a great job and be away from family for too long.

    Good luck
  5. by   nursebedlam
    Hullo out there,, Welcome to allnurses, I do hope you enjoy your time here, look forward to reading your posts.....
  6. by   Tweety
    Welcome. I'm not sure of the best, but look for National League of Nursing accredited schools. Those have the higher standards.