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  1. Hi, everyone. My name is Carlos, I live in Venezuela. I apologize in advance for my English.

    My situation is, I am 36 old, married, and I have a 4 years old daughter. My previous 18 years experience in Venezuela is in Telecomunications, mostly as a manager. However, as you all must know, our country is going throught a huge problem, and right now most people are unemployed, most of the companies are closing and about everyone that is able is leaving the country.

    I found a way to come and live in the USA, by studying this career. It is however intimidating for me because:

    1). It seems like almost 99% of the people that study this career are women. :imbar

    2) My real vocation is medicine, so I don't know if after I complete the 4 years career and if I want then to switch to medicine, I will get credits for my previous studies as nurse.

    3) I f I decide to stay as a nurse, I would like to specialize on whatever will give me the chance to earn more. Aparently anesthetics is the best, since this point of view. However, my litle research shows me that is very complicated to be accepted on schools that offer this speciality. What are my chances, and what other options will give me the chance to earn the best income levels.

    4) Most of the places that I have found, are very very expensive, specially taking in consideration that I would be a foreing student so I won't have the chance to get a loan from any bank or institution, and that I would also have to bring my wife and my daugther with me (aparently very soon our government will launch a law that will prohibit people to take their childrens out of the country, so we need to get out asap). In your experiencie, I would like to know what colleges are good and no expensive (In florida, if possible). :stone

    5) Since I am 36, and I will have to come with all those issues in my back, what is the shorter way for me to get the chance to be sponsored and work, and if possible, what is the shorter way to complete the whole career, including the specialization.

    I hope anyone can help me with advice, and let me know your experiences in any of these issues. I will really apreciate it.
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  3. by   Katnip
    Hi Carlos, and welcome. I can't answer all your questions, but I can start and between the lot of us, maybe we can help.

    It's true, most nurses are women. Not 99%, but most. That's not a bad thing. The opportunities are the same for men.

    If you choose to go to medical school after nursing school you will probably have to take at least a few extra courses, depending on what kind of nursing education you get. To get into medical school or to CRNA school you will have to have a bachelor's degree first.

    Usually the quickest way to become an RN is through an associates degree through a community college or a diploma program through a hospital. A lot of people start that way, begin working as a nurse, then have their hospital help pay tuition to earn the bachelor's degree.

    Getting into nursing anasthesia school is very, very competitive. You need to have very high grades in nursing school as well as experience in a critical care area, usually in ICU...and usually a higher level ICU.

    Yes, colleges can be very expensive. I don't know about Florida schools, so I can't help you there. Sometimes you can work in a hospital as a tech or aide and the hospital will help pay most or all of your tuition in return for going to work there for two years after graduation. I don't know for sure if this is restricted to citizens or not, but I'm sure not all are if any.

    36 is really not that old to be starting school here. I was in my 40s when I started, had several students in their 50s and one in her 60s when they graduated. It's really not that unusual.

    As for the shortest way to get all the way through to advance practice, BSN then work in ICU, then CRNA school.

    Nursing isn't the only healthcare field that is in need of good people, either. Respiratory therapy and radiology technology are also in great need, and pay well too.

    Good luck, Carlos.
  4. by   manna
    I don't really have any answers or advice for you, but wanted to wish you good luck! Welcome to allnurses!