I need a little advice, will I be able to be on my own on PCT salary, New York?

  1. Hello everyone! I've posted very little, as I'm just getting started and still not fully set yet. A little background story, I'm 21 (just turned), I live at home with my parents, I was attending a 4 year college, wasn't allowed to continue going to classes because of a whole bunch of issues regarding loans and the amount I owe. Tried CUNY but I couldn't even transfer to that without first paying off what I owe. So I was stuck home, looking for options on what to do in the meantime. I just finished a PCT program, will begin the CNA "internship" part pretty soon.

    I know it may take some time until I find a hospital job as a PCT so I may be stuck at a nursing home for a while. Long story short, I love my parents, but our relationship is a mess, I don't party, I don't got out, I have NO friends, I spend every minute locked up etc. If I were to explain the way my parents are I would write too much... Please don't get me wrong, I have no problem with staying in, I'm not the wild/party type, but not having at least one single friend is tough. In the morning I do what I have to do, come home, lock myself up, every day, of every year, for as long as I can remember. This has had me more locked up than ever, I think I am hitting a depression, I was able to deal with it while growing up but right now I am desperate, I want out, I need to breath, I need to be able to be myself, be a little more social, I want to live a little...

    My mind is set on the fact that if I don't get out I will be even more messed up as time goes by. I do plan and hope to go back to school, but to be honest not right now, I want to focus a little on the personal aspect of my life, I need to do it, I can't think of even being able to study again if my emotions and mental state aren't in a good position to do so. I live in New York. I wish I had people who could guide me, help me calculate and plan out. I don't know how much I'll be earning as a PCT, and I know it'll take time until I find a job as one like I already mentioned. But speaking in future terms, is it possible to get by with this? I have no kids, no boyfriend, nothing, it's just me by myself. When I think of moving out, I get scared of not having enough, I have even thought of needing two jobs, I've been searching online for studios, cheapest rent I've found is $975 -$1000. I think my fear is bigger than anything, not having absolutely anyone to count on makes it worst too. But I need a break... I need it badly...

    I see single mothers sacrificing themselves and getting by, yes with financial aid at times, but maybe I can sacrifice myself a little more...

    Has or is anyone been able to maintain themselves on a PCT/CNA salary?

    Sorry for the venting!
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  3. by   returnednurse
    I would look for a room to rent or space share first, then maybe a roommate situation there are even websites that do this and do background checks. My niece did this when she moved to another state. You can choose single, smoking, amount of socialization, kids, dogs, etc or not. This way you dont over extend yourself. Start saving as soon as you get a job and try and have 2 months in savings before you move. Yes, you can do it even, if you eat roman noodles, buffett once a day or sandwiches. The biggest issue after shelter is transportation to and from work, public or personal there or costs and pros and cons. Try and use the time you have now to sit down and plan and budge those costs and make arrangements to start a payment plan for your student loan so, you can return to school in good standing at some point. Lastly, don't buy new clothes or do luxury stuff like nails. Save those things for later.
    Good luck to you.
  4. by   Kdrenee
    Sorry to hear about what you are going through. I agree with the above poster, try and get a roomate. I would look up the salary information for New York PCT/CNA salary as well. I live in Texas, and the salary is anywhere between 9-13 an hour for new PCTs. New York I'm sure will be higher. You can do it! It wil be hard, but you can do it!

    Also, maybe you could find a job and live with your parents just a little longer and save as much as possible for upcoming expenses you will have to pay for!
  5. by   CarlyBelle
    Thank you both ReturnedNurse and Kdrenee for the reply and the encouragement! I definitely do need to sit down, plan, and calculate all that you've mentioned. Again, thanks for the replies, it helped me keep in mind that it's possible, and also to see the important points I must take into consideration.