I Feel Like a Failure

  1. Hey everyone! I'm so upset, I feel like such a failure. I had my first RN interview today and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get the job. I'm almost done with nursing school (I graduate May 4). I haven't taken my NCLEX, I don't have my ACLS or PALS. I've got quite a bit of nursing assistant / unit clerk / monitor tech experience. I've been a unit clerk for 4.5 years, a nursing assistant for 2.5 years and a monitor tech for 1.5 years. In my interview, she compared me to someone who would be likely to get a job from her: a nursing assistant that has been working in ICU (I only worked in step down ICU and telemetry), did her preceptorship in ICU (I am doing a CAPSTONE on med/surg), and has passed her NCLEX. I don't know why she even wanted to interview me. I made it very obvious in my resume AND the email I sent to her that I had not taken my NCLEX and would not be taking it until May 2013 (hopefully). I was interviewing for a post-procedure care unit. It is a step down ICU right now but will be an ICU soon.

    I just can't help thinking that I'm such a failure. I don't know why I feel like that seeing as I haven't even graduated freaking nursing school yet. Should I keep applying for jobs and taking interviews or should I wait until I graduate nursing school and take my NCLEX? I did learn a little bit about the types of questions they are going to ask me so that is one positive out of this whole interview. I was nervous and I'm not sure that I answered the questions with the best answers... but for the most part I did.

    Grrr! I think I just really hate feeling vulnerable! Transitions always make me feel vulnerable.
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  3. by   MochaRN424
    Hello, not sure why you feel like a failure...If I can I would like to tell you what I did. First negativity comes across like a ton of bricks. You must change your thinking and how you see yourself. I did not (not telling you to do the same) want to pursue a position until I passed boards.
    I felt that I would feel more confident in going into an interview being able to say yes I passed boards on such and such date. If you
    are going to be positive and confident...meaning I will pass my boards and I will be an excellent nurse then I say yes by all means use the different interviews to POSTIVELY critique yourself. NOT beat yourself up. You have some experience and you should draw off of that strength. I wish you all the best in taking your NCLEX exam and I am in agreement with you that you will land the job of your dreams.
  4. by   Dobeigh
    I completely agree. I was completely not confident in my interview. I need to change my way of thinking, definitely!
  5. by   PatiencePlease
    You are NOT a failure. The fact that you got an interview before you even graduated says what the prospective employeer thinks of you. If you read on the message boards around here you'll see, not many people are hiring and most nurses are salivating at the thought of even getting an interview, let alone a job. Confidence, positive attitude and beliving in yourself go a long way. I graduated just over three years ago I have only been interviewed four times, and now I am getting my BSN on my own. You have to keep trying, keep trucking a long. If you feel that you were a "failure" what did you learn from it? The first interview is the hardest, and change is not easy on anyone. HANG IN THERE.... learn from your mistakes and keep pushing for your best!
    Hope that helps :-)


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