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  1. Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum. I live in NJ and am seriously wanting to become a nurse. My background is accounting. I worked more in the medical arena doing accounting work---fits more my charactoristics and personality. I do have an B.S. degree in Business Administrative Accounting, Ceritificate of Diploma in Medical Billing, additonal year of schooling in Accounting stuff too.

    I want to be a great help to others by doing more, even though I give in other ways. I am single, no children, and ready to go. I really want to do this and have thought hard. The down side of this I don't have money to go to school and don't know of programs that can help me. Anyhow, I hope this isn't embarrising to me but I hope some here can be helpful to me. Thanks so much
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    I went through the employment center and found help through WIA, (work inforcement act), formally JTPA. You can qualify for help through them in many ways. You can also try to get a pell grant, by filling out the forms through the internet or at the school you are going to attend. Good luck!
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    Hi! Don't feel bad. I have a business degree and will be done nursing school in September (god-willing). Since you already have a degree you can get your bsn a little "easier". There are several accelorated programs if you are up for that pace. I am going to Drexel which is 11 months + about a year in prerequisites and will have my BSN. I am excited to get started although I know it will be challenging. Good luck in making your decision. If you have any questions feel free to ask.