I am new here just saying hello

  1. I graduated an LPN program on August 11/06 and I am very anxious to take my boards so I can start working soon and ditch that SPN badge lol, Nice to meet you all!
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  3. by   donsterRN
    :groupwelcome: We're glad you joined us!
  4. by   athena55
    Hello Hotmale, and welcome to AllNurses!
    Hey, congratulations on finishing up your nursing program. When do you take your Boards? Keep us posted.
    Have a safe and healthy 2 weeks left til the end of August....:spin:
  5. by   Tweety
    Goo dluck to you. Welcome!
  6. by   mrscurtwkids4
    Congrats on getting through the schooling. Good luck on the boards!!