Howdy Everyone!

  1. Howdy all. Been retired from nursing for about 10 years and I am now in a refresher course to re-activate my RN license.
    Goodness but nursing has changed!

    It used to be if you wanted a job, you looked in the paper or went to the hospital to apply. There are so many avenues available now that it is almost overwhelming! My hubby and I are retired but I would love to travel and work a bit. Anyone else doing that? Are you part of the traveling nurses or just finding work as you travel along? We are going to get a class A motor home in all liklihood to make it easy and also for those frequent trips to see the grandkids!

    Also, anyone have any suggestions for an old workhorse with a varied background in terms of work. The idea of working in hospitals does not really appeal to me. Long hours and I have already fought the good fight in that arena. I have done lots of home health and hospice and also did chart review. I think doing like day surgery or something like that might be interesting. I have med-surg background as well. A bit rusty but am currently in a hospital refreshing my skills!

    Love this website and love to read all the wonderful things you are all doing. So if you want to say hello and offer some encouragement, well, I would sure appreciate it. Have not done any nursing for 10 yrs now! Eeekkk!!
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    Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck. There's a travel nurses forum here:
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    welcome to the site! nice to met you.