1. Wow - what a neat place!

    My name is Kimer and I need lots of help:uhoh21: I am an active duty Air Force Member (non-medical) stationed in Colorado SPrings. I want to one day to have a MSN. (Be a long time coming)

    I started out in Miss. So far (as of 2000) I had completed all the prerequisites for Univ So Miss and Univ of COlorado Nursing programs. Even Statistics!! :angryfire Then the Air Force moved me to Denver. Now I'm stuck.

    The problem is I can't continue in nursing school or even apply because I work days. I am a single mom only cause my husband is assigned elsewhere I'm ignorant of the whole nursing hierarchy.

    LVN? LPN? I thought about becoming an RN then completing an RN to BSN program. But I haven't the foggiest about how to go about it. It was simple enought to just do the BSN thing. I can't figure out where or how to start? Any thoughts??
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  3. by   manna
    Welcome to allnurses!

    Do you plan to stay active duty AF? Or could you get out and do school that way (without the pressures of a full-time job as well)? Are there any night/weekend nursing programs in your area?

    LPN program is only a year, but I don't think that'd help you if you can't go during the daytime - I assume those are mostly day programs. An ADN is a two year nursing degree, but again the same dilemma... unless you can find a night'/weekend program, but I think it'd be very difficult to do nursing coursework weekends and active duty military as well.... especially with a family. How old are your kids?

    Best of luck... Sorry I don't have any more useful advice.
  4. by   IXerLover
    Manna, thanks!

    I have 2 1/2 years left to retire. I kinda hoped to go from one to the other. So I won't be getting out to go to school. I still plan to try to accomplish school before I retire God-willing.

    My son is 9 years old.

    Thanks - this is a groovy forum!

    One day I hope!
  5. by   manna
    Another thought that comes to mind is - there's an online school that requires no previous healthcare experience. You can get an ADN that way, and I think you schedule your own clinicals - possibly on the weekends/evenings? I think perhaps you have to visit the campus occasionally to do a skills check off or something similar?

    I want to say Deaconess (St Louis), but that may not be correct. I don't know much about it, but you could probably ask in the Distance learning forum (under the Student nurses forum) and they'd be more informative.

    But, if you completed the pre-reqs for USM, did you take a CNA course? (seems they require it now, but maybe they didn't when you were taking courses here)

    Other than that, I'd say try to find a night/weekend program. Surely in a city as large as Denver there must be at least one? :chuckle

    Good luck!
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    Welcome to all nurses! You might want to post your questions in the General Nursing discussion forum to get more replies!
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    We ALMOST got stationed at the Academy in Colorado Springs - love that area of the country. My husband is retired Air Force. I think if I was you - I would figure out where you are going to settle and then apply to schools in that area. In the meantime, I would take those pre-reqs and get that done. Many schools have multiple year long waiting lists too. Also - did you do the old VEAP program? Or some other type of government-sponsored tuition asst? Good luck and welcome!