1. Hello, My name is Alicia! I'm 16 years old and i'm a sophomore in high school! I'm looking to major in pediatrics during college! That's about it!! I just wanted to introduce myself!! You all seem like very nice people!!
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  3. by   Ari RN
    Hi Alicia!
    I can't believe no one has welcomed you to the site.
    It's been 5 months!
    Let me be the first to Welcome you to the All Nurses Family!
    I guess everyone's busy.........
    Hope you enjoy the site!
  4. by   Tweety
    Welcome! Glad you found this post Ari.
  5. by   WhisperingEchos
    Thanks Guys Anyhow, yeah i'm looking to major in pediatrics! My mom doesn't want me to limit my expectations though! She doesn't want me to became a nurse because of everything a person has to go through i guess! That's ticking me off a bit though! I just know I want to do something with kids! And... I want to help them out so I figured I'd go into some type of Nursing but I guess it's not good enough for my mom!
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    WElcome!!! Let me tell you something and I am NOT bashing your mom, but sometimes there are people that you just cannot please no matter what you do. My grandfather is one of those. I think you are great for thinking of nursing and already looking into things by being here. That shows a lot of insight and dedication already!
  7. by   WhisperingEchos
    Thanks!! Well.. I guess maybe I should tell you the whole story of why I think My mom doesn't want me to go into Nursing! My grandfather works in the chiropractic business! He is very old fashion and doesn't believe in taking any kind of medication or going to the doctors! I think my mom is afraid he may disown me! We had a huge talk yesterday in the car on the way to an appointment! I don't want my grandfather disowning me but I'm pretty sure he will come around!! I hope atleast!! But.. I think i'm going to buy this one book called "Majoring Nursing--From Prerequisites and Postgraduate Study and Beyond" By Janet R. Katz!! I guess it's suppost to help decide if Nursing is for you or not! I'll give it a good reading and see if it helps me out at all