How To Re-enter After 11 Years

  1. I got a little fed up with the politics after 4 great years as an L.P.N. Forgive me for being a white male who did it very well. No, I am playing the gender card (or race) card here, but it was difficult being the only male person on the floor and having every physician, resident and intern coming to me for questions and answers. It wasn't because I am all that knowledgeable, it just natural for men to feel more at ease asking another man a question. Of course, it caused a rub with my coworkers.

    I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and I was a single parent rearing two boys during that time period. You think that fact alone would have bought me a little more grace with single moms or mothers in general. Please ladies, I am on your side! :icon_hug:

    When I took the hospital pharm exam I was the only one to obtain a perfect score. In fact, I was the only L.P.N. amongst 6 R.N.'s who took the same exam. Like I said, I can do the nursing part well.

    Well, I am little older, and hopefully wiser now, so I am ready to start nursing again. I am asking for your advice on how to re-enter the profession after an 11 year absence. All of your assistance will be deeply appreciated.

    If I can be of asistance to you, please contact me. I have some experience in the automotive industry and the financial world as well.
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  3. by   Jessy_RN
    welcome to the site, enjoy your stay and best wishes to you!
  4. by   suzanne4
    The biggest question is whether or not that you have kept up your license.
    If not, depending on your state, some will require that you actually have to take the NCLEX exam again. Others may just require that you do a refresher course.

    First step for you would be to contact the BON for where you wish to work.

    Good luck with your future endeavors.
  5. by   dhalltoyo
    Thanks Suzanne,

    I live in Ohio. From everything that I read on Board of Nursing site it appears that I will only have to complete the standard C.E.U. requirement to renew my license. I certainly hope so! If any nurse in Ohio knows for sure, please drop me an email.

    If anyone around the Dayton area is aware of a hospital or L.T.C. facility that offers a program to assist nurses with re-entry, please send me that info.

    Thanks to all who have replied to me! :Santa5:
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  6. by   suzanne4
    You need to get the info directly from the Ohio BON, from a human. You are talking about just renewing a license that has been expired for a couple of years, the issue that you have is with the length of time, not just that it has expired. Most states will require an exam or a completed course in an approved school of nursing.

    Just trying to save you the aggravation later on.
  7. by   dhalltoyo

    I placed my license on inactive status in 1996. It still shows as inactive today. The Ohio B.O.N. web site reads as follows:


    [FONT=TimesNewRomanItMS]If my license is lapsed or inactive, will I need to retake the licensure[FONT=TimesNewRomanItMS]
    examination ("Boards")?


    A You will not need to repeat the Board examination. To reactivate your license you
    must complete the application, pay the correct reactivation fee and complete the
    continuing education requirement. All should be mailed together for the fastest

  8. by   suzanne4
    As long as your license was just on the inactive status, then you are okay.
    Remember that you did not mention that, only that you had been out of nursing for 11 years. We need all of the info to give you an accurate answer.

    But if you were telling me that your license was expired, and that you had been out oif nursing for 11 years, you would be looking at taking an approved refresher course or the NCLEX again before being given a license.
  9. by   dhalltoyo
    :spin: I am so excited about returning to nursing that I forgot to mention the INACTIVE status.

    I do thank you for input and I pray that you will have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    2006:hatparty: 2006 2006:smiley_aa
  10. by   BB RN
    Hello and Happy New Year!
    I am currently enrolled in on-lline classes through University of Wisc. Milw. I am an ADN-RN 13 years. Some starts and stops but now it is full speed ahead. Some classes I will have to sit in a classroom. I am looking forward to making new friends. Unfortunately in 3 weeks I will be 44 and old enough to be most students mother.
    So any hew. On-line is great. Otherwise no matter what you choose do it. Most LPNs I know are smarter than I am. There was always a personal reason why they had to stop at LPN with the idea they would someday get their RN. You sound to damn smart to be accepting LPN wages. Also once you start getting into the RN world the diversity is astounding. There are so many choices. Good luck BB RN.
  11. by   dhalltoyo
    Hi BB,

    I appreciate your words of encouragement. Maybe I'll consider the transition to RN status. It would be a great tribute to my mother who gave 35

    years to the profession as an RN. We just said our final good byes this past

    August. :angel2: She was quite a lady. Served as an Army nurse in England.

    My dad was stationed over there back in the 60's and I had my tonsils

    removed at the hospital were she was working during WWII. Small world...

    BB, you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  12. by   Thunderwolf
    dhalltoyo...yes, i concur with your post regarding what you need to do to reactivate your license, for we live in the same state. i am a clinical nurse specialist. i placed mine on inactive because i no longer work in my particular specialty (needed to break from it for awhile) and just couldn't see paying mucho bucks for ceu's to keep it active. good luck, buddy! as you can see, you have much support here.

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  13. by   dhalltoyo
    thank you for your reply. your post was :melody:music to my ears! i certainly do appreciate the professional courtesy being shown by all the members.

    i salute everyone of you!