How is everyone doing?? I have a quick question please!!!

  1. Hello, I am desperately trying to find a particular website, I have been trying for months with no luck.....I use to know the name of it but now have forgotten.....

    All I do know is that part of the website address has 'mgmt' in it.....This is a website, or company that recruits diferent nurses, cna, doctors, etc to perform work at diferent locations.....I wouldnt necessarily call it a traveling nurse job because as far as I know, they only have positions for the state of MS.....They have diferent jobs out of Hattiesburg and everything....They also have "kid sitter" positions. I think the name says it all but what it that is, they send qualified people to homes of individuals who may need a babysitter for the night........

    Well, thats about all I can describe....I'm looking for the site because I want to join. As I said, I had the website but now have lost it, please help!!!!!!
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