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  1. hey everyone-what a fabulous web site! i am currently taking prereq's for nursing pgm here in maine-a bit intimidated by the heavy science, as social science has always been more my "thing." but so far i've read some excellent things here. what a great tool for someone like me-and so many others! thank you!!!

    sometimes i worry about what i'm embarking on because i'm not one of those people who "always knew i wanted to be a nurse." some of my fellow students are already in the field, and a woman said to me the other day in lab, "i'm a huge science buff-always have loved it!" and she really dislikes english and grammar and literature and sociology and the other "liberal arts" studies, which is where i excel!

    but-i love helping people to feel better and always have. and i'm amazed at all of the different types of nursing there is, and i'm sure i can incorporate my other interests such as education and social service in with the nursing path i choose to follow. i hope with my eagerness to learn and willingness to work hard, i'll make it through these classes and be in the nursing program by next summer ('07).

    anyway-thank you for inviting me introduce myself and i really look forward to utilizing this wonderful site!
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    G'DAY AND WELCOME! :groupwelcome: :flowersfo
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    Welcome to! Glad to have you with us.