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  1. hellow everyone!:typing

    my name is ellen and i come from beijing p.r.china. i have been a nurse for 6 years. i'm a newbie here and i'd like to have a chat with all nurses here. i believe i will be getting great information from everybody. :smiletea2:
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses!
  4. by   PremieOne
    Welcome to Allnurses. I have never met anyone from China. Do you have a nursing shortage as we are seeing here in the United States? It will be interesting in comparing nursing care in China and the way it is done here. Again welcome and enjoy the knowledge we nurses provide each other.
  5. by   xxmaxpx
    Thank you very much! :smilecoffeecup:
  6. by   RN BSN 2009
    Welcome !!!