Hope this is the right thread but how long can i stay in a nursing career?

  1. I'm worried since i feel like i'm starting out a little late i'll probably be 29 taking prequestiqe *spelling* and 30 1/2 when i start as a lvn I rather take the lvn route for now since i'm basicly scared taking the rn route cause of the dosage calculation with my horrible disablity i know i will be getting alot of help but for all i know i may not want to start the rn to lvn program til my late 40s cause i am going to start a life with my b/f soon to be husband. I'm worried how long can i stay in this career will it be to physically on me? I like to keep working til my retirement. Where should i work that isn't physiclly demanding later on when i'm almost there where i can't handle lifting patients, I know i want to help the elderly for a start but how logn can i do it? til i'm 50? 60?
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