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  1. Hi!

    I've just come to realize I've been in healthcare 30 years:
    Started in 1973 as aide in nursing home
    1977 LPN worked intercity teaching hospital medsurg -- respiratory/telemetry
    1982 BSN, RN continued on Resp/Telemetry unit
    1985 started in homecare while having first child
    1991-1993 perdiem hospice and homecare

    Love homecare now in Manager role in charge of Intake Department-processing 1,600+ referrals for homecare monthly for three homecare agencies. Still occasionally visit clients perdiem.

    DH has loved me for 28 years. Adjusting to life with two teenagers, oldest graduates HS and off to college in fall. When not in front of a computer, usually have needlepoint wherever I go---even in VEGAS found great shop!

    Nursing activism fueled by mentors in college, ANA/PSNA adventures and my experiences navigating the healthcare maze for family and clients.
    Found allnurses in 2000 and addict since.
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  3. by   nekhismom
    Hi NRSKaren.

    I have to say that I enjoy the activism articles you post. Sometimes they are lengthy, but overall, very informative! Just wanted to say thank you for keeping us all informed and up to date!